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…and we'll guarantee a perfect appearance. Worldwide!



Long Runner rather than One Hit Wonder

Whether in Germany, Asia or America, thanks to our branched network we are in action not only in Germany and Europe but also worldwide, realizing your brand oriented exhibition appearance wherever you wish. Professionally, congenially and purposefully.

Absolute reliability is our highest priority. Our project management and our strong logistics guarantee the smooth performance of your brand or company appearance at trade fairs, showrooms or events.

You brand goes on world tour? We are your biggest fans and not only traveling in your wake but we'll have put up the stage before your arrival. And if required, we'll warehouse everything afterwards while you can relax and prepare your next exhibition appearance. So go ahead and map out an encore …

Project Management / Logistics & Fitting / Warehousing

Orchestration rather than Presentation

Your product is at the ready, your brand wants to be presented, your company is at home at all the fairs around the world - and all that's missing is a strong, creative and committed partner to orchestrate your trade fair appearance?

The success of your brand is our motive: our expertise in international fair design enables us to focus with enthusiasm on everything that matters to you.

From consulting to individual concepts and extensive design studies to the successful realization of your trade fair appearance.

We carry out trade fair construction with a passion and make your brand a tangible experience.

Concept / Design / Engineering

Distinct rather than Standard Type

There are brands a dime a thousand. Outstanding memorable brands, though, are rare - only targeted and convincing orchestration creates memorability and evokes emotion.

The magic word is brand architecture. Because the creative realization of your exhibition stand correspondent to your design specifications is just our lowest common denominator. To guarantee a maximum quality standard for your exhibition appearance, we pay utmost attention to the smallest detail -

and to make sure that everyone is smiling happily in the end, we'll put together customized specialist teams for every project consisting of the best craftsmen, carpenters, metal workers and fair technicians - plus, if you wish, even suitable hostesses.

In short: we want to exceed your expectations and supply your brand with all the space needed. And maybe even a little more.

Manufactory / Graphic / Design

bbco MesseManufaktur provides the customized stage for your brand. And the spotlights, for that matter, are obtainable as well. Are you ready to delight your audience with your distinct trade fair design? We're looking forward to your inquiry!

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