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Lars Borngräber

Born 1969, a qualified communication designer scented trade fair air already in the early 90s and continued his activities working as  a trade fair designer right after finishing university. From 1994 on he worked as a project manager in trade fair construction until, starting with the turn of the millenium, he held the position of a third-party manager of a trade fair construction company for 10 years, responsible for creation, sales and marketing.

With the founding of bbco MesseManufaktur in February 2010 and as a managing partner, as well as the expansion of the business area with the founding of bbco MarkenRaum GmbH in April 2020, he has been able to realize his own vision of 3-dimensional brand architecture and trade fair construction successfully.  A fact which was confirmed by receiving the Founder Award of Middle Franconia in 2011, the subsequent nomination for the Bavarian Founder Award in 2012, the IHK Founder Award of Middle Franconia in 2015 and by receiving several international design awards, such as the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016.

The Team

In action for you: designers, architects, interior designers, project managers, wood technicians, carpenters, electricians, digital printers, metal workers, model builders, media designers, fitters and many more

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