Values and Sustainability

Our values - sustainable development for people, society and the environment.

We support the United Nations "Sustainable Development Goals" agenda and the "Criteria of the Honourable Businessman". As a family business, we are committed to free parliamentary democracy and the social market economy. Our goal is to develop our products and services in a more sustainable and responsible way, guided by the "Three Pillars of Sustainability" (People, Planet, Profit).

The "Criteria of the Honorable Businessman"

The "Criteria of the Honorable Businessman" are an ethical guiding principle for sustainable entrepreneurship that establishes integrity, responsibility and respect. Our company supports these criteria and actively works to ensure sustainability in all areas of our operations.

The "Sustainable Development Goals"

The SDGs are 17 global goals for sustainable development adopted by the United Nations in 2015. These goals relate to areas such as poverty reduction, education, gender equality, climate change and health and are to be achieved by 2030.

The "Three Pillars of Sustainability"

John Elkington's three Pillars of Sustainability (People, Planet, Profit) form the basis for sustainable development, balancing the needs of people, the environment and the economy. The goal is to achieve a balance between environmental, social and economic considerations for a sustainable future.

This results in the following self-committed fields of action for our company:

  • is practiced
  • implementation has begun
  • need for action


CO₂ reduce emissions

  • exploit savings potentials
  • use photovoltaics
  • use e-mobility (1. fully electric company car since 2021; fully electric forklift fleet since 2023)
  • use ÖPNV
  • use remote Work

CO₂ build neutral

  • wooden post and beam construction of our buildings, built 2013/2017
  • wooden construction office wing, built 2013

CO₂ neutral heating

  • pellet heating since 2013

conserve resources

  • use resources, don't consume them
  • water dispenser in the office, since 2020

CO₂ neutral booth

  • CO₂-footprint can be calculated on demand and offset and certified through compensation payment

change in raw material use: from fossil and finite resources to sustainable, renewable raw materials

  • use of a wood wall construction system based on honeycomb panels since 2010.
  • use of Oeko-Tex-certified textiles and printing substrates for digital printing made from
    a) renewable raw materials
    b) 100% PVC recycled material

sustainability in the use of raw materials: avoidance of pesticides, toxins and chemicals

  • detergents, paints, varnishes

increase material efficiency

  • high level of system use without sacrificing individuality
  • reduction of waste and packaging

integrate recycling systems

  • material specific disposal
  • reusability testing

sustainable shopping

  • observance of minimum ecological standards by suppliers

promote biodiversity

  • near-natural design of open spaces since 2014
  • company garden, created in 2014
  • flower meadow behind the house, created in 2014
  • ornamental fish pond in front of the entrance, created in 2014
  • green roof over office wing to reduce room temperature since 02/2023

paperless office

  • Maximum reduction of paper consumption in the office through digitization (ERP/CRM/accounting/warehouse) in 2017

compensation of own CO₂-emission

  • tree planting campaigns together with the association Lebensraum Regenwald e.V.
    2020: 1300 trees
    2022: 350 trees
  • 100% compensation payments to Lebensraum Regenwald e.V and atmosfair
    - Co2 emissions from vehicle fleet: 39.59t
    - Co2 emissions from electricity (35,900kwh): 15.07t
    - Co2 emissions from vehicle fleet: 37.98t
    - Co2 emissions from electricity (53,262kwh): 23.92t


fulfillment of the criteria of the "Honorable Businessman"

  • honesty
  • reliability
  • integrity
  • openness
  • respect
  • fairness
  • trust
  • willingness to accept criticism
  • securing financial independence
  • profit-oriented management (no return, no investment)
  • responsibility for creating and maintaining jobs


  • implementation of innovation management

digital Transformation

  • Optimization of all company processes with comprehensive ERP and CRM system, with start in 2017

means of production - livelihoods

  • conservation of natural resources - earth/air/water/heat –
  • responsible handling of production material and capital goods

optimize energy consumption

  • photovoltaic system for own consumption
  • LED insert
  • use e-mobility

material efficiency

  • use of wall construction systems from renewable raw materials
  • use of system floors
  • use of traverse systems
  • own rental furniture stock
  • use of reusable floor coverings


  • optimize transport routes
  • schedule inbound deliveries

sustainable purchasing

  • evaluation of suppliers with regard to ecological and social standards
  • buy regionally
  • plan collective orders
  • buy fair-trade

communicate sustainably

  • 10-minute Monday morning round for the entire workforce
  • weekly team meetings for sales, logistics planning and technology
  • monthly project management jour fix
  • six-weekly design jour fix
  • fixed annual appraisal interviews
  • ongoing variable employee appraisals
  • high use of virtual meetings
  • fewer external appointments


promote diversity

  • practice equal treatment
  • live appreciation of each individual
  • living mindfulness
  • transparency/open dialog culture/team meetings
  • Health Promotion
  • remuneration above industry average
  • overtime compensation
  • premium and special payments
  • travel allowance when using public transport
  • job-bike at JobRad

compatibility of career and family

  • promotion of maternity and parental leave
  • 10 extra vacation days for everyone
  • flexi-time
  • part-time
  • remote Work

legal regulations

  • compliance with legal and safety regulations
  • observance of minimum social standards at suppliers


  • promotion of education/training/advanced training
  • employee appraisals - fixed annually, variable on an ongoing basis
  • target agreements - fixed annually
  • team building activities, at least 2x per year


  • promoting the participation of people with disabilities

animal protection

  • allow office dogs
  • member of the Federal Association Office Dog e.V.
  • ornamental fish, frogs and insects in their own biotope


  • promotion of voluntary activities

arts, culture and sports

  • financial and material support and promotion of art, culture and sports in the region (artists, galleries, school, club)

Fields of action in line with climate goals

Understanding the urgent need for sustainability in all three dimensions is not new territory at bbco. Many actions to implement these goals are already underway or in the planning stages. Nevertheless, we recognize that faster and more efficient action is needed to achieve the climate goals set by the international community. We will continue to pursue and document our commitment to sustainability. It is never too late to bring about change.