bbco MesseManufaktur wins the IHK Founder Award of Middle Franconia 2015

Gestern Abend war es soweit: wir durften mit fast komplettem Team den Gründerpreis 2015 der IHK Nürnberg für Mittelfranken in Empfang nehmen. Wir sind sehr stolz und bedanken uns noch einmal herzlich beim gesamten IHK-Team, auch für den gelungenen Abend.


DJI - Rock am Ring

The festival season has begun. And we have demonstrated: we can do open-air, too!


Brilliant Start into the New Year

It started out with a double-deck at the BAU in Munich: the Franken Maxi Mauermörtel GmbH & Co. presented their new product "mörtel pad" (mortar pad) on two floors, with gigantic success.


Hot Fall at bbco MesseManufaktur

„Full speed ahead!“ has been bbco MesseManufaktur's motto since the beginning of this fall.


bbco celebrates!

bbco MesseManufaktur celebrated the arrival at their new quarters in Veitsbronn last weekend with a big party event. There were around 200 guests from the world of politics, economics and society enjoying a mild (if a bit windy) summer night in a relaxed atmosphere. The party was rounded off by artistic performances and installations by the artist duo "zwischenbericht" (interim report) and the music group "Harzers Bazaar" as well as a DJ.


bbco MesseManufaktur GmbH is moving!

After 7 months of construction time, we're finally ready.


Young Fürth company awarded yet again

Founder Award nomination "StartUp" for bbco MesseManufaktur Inc. Founded only in 2010, now already nationally and internationally on a successful course and nominated for the Bavarian Founder Award 2012. After having been awarded the Middle Franconian Founder Award in the category "Concept" last year, bbco MesseManufaktur has now been nominated on the Bavarian level in the category "StartUp".