Hot Fall at bbco MesseManufaktur

„Full speed ahead!“ has been bbco MesseManufaktur's motto since the beginning of this fall.

In just about six weeks, the bbco MesseManufaktur team in Veitsbronn has realised 25 stands covering about 3,200 sq m. Which included projects from Switzerland, the Netherlands and the USA. „We are especially proud of our new customers,“ says Lars Borngräber, managing director of bbco MesseManufaktur. „For instance, we have built stands for the children's books publishing house Magellan for the first time at the Frankfurt Book Fair as well as for the manufacturer of air-conditioning and refrigeration technology Hollandcool at the Chillventa and for the automoblie supplier Vibracoustic at the Frankfurt Automechanika.“ But the Hot Fall won't be over for a while yet. Until the the end of the year, there will be 15 more exhibition stands covering approx. 1,000 sq m.

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