bbco celebrates!

bbco MesseManufaktur celebrated the arrival at their new quarters in Veitsbronn last weekend with a big party event. There were around 200 guests from the world of politics, economics and society enjoying a mild (if a bit windy) summer night in a relaxed atmosphere. The party was rounded off by artistic performances and installations by the artist duo "zwischenbericht" (interim report) and the music group "Harzers Bazaar" as well as a DJ.

The bbco guests enjoyed a great evening on July 5, 2014. In celetration of the opening of the new company building in Veitsbronn, Lars Borngräber, managing partner of bbco, had invited to a swinging feast with his team, clients, suppliers, friends and family.

There was quite something to enjoy that Saturday: the artist duo "zwischenbericht", consisting of Anja Schoeller and Kerstin Polzin, guided through their exhibit "ErfahrungsPRODUKTion" (experience/product/ion) which ahd been their debut work for their show at the Nuremberg AEG terrain. At bbco MesseManufaktur further creative space quotations with a new three-dimensional possibilities were created .

An ice cream truck offering more than 20 types of ice cream delighted children as well as grownups and Grillmeister Pausch served no less than three suckling pigs.

The guests could try their luck at a tombola, prizes were a romantic stay at a hotel in Regensburg, a barista course and a tasty gift basket. The proceeds of the tombola will go a 100% to the association "Courage e.V." which campaigns for more tolerance and against racism at schools in all of Germany and Europe.

The Fürth swing bossa pop band "Harzers Bazaar" gave the the audience quite some hell before DJ O-Style lured the guests onto the dancefloor later that night.

"We are very happy now having adequate room for our work and I would like to thank all our companions with this party", Lars Borngräber said during his welcome speech. And the guests happily went for it: there was a lot of eating, drinking and celebrating until the wee hours of the morning.

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