Brilliant Start into the New Year

It started out with a double-deck at the BAU in Munich: the Franken Maxi Mauermörtel GmbH & Co. presented their new product "mörtel pad" (mortar pad) on two floors, with gigantic success.

Every two hours hundreds of trade fair visitors were watching a live presentation at the Franken Maxit stand. A 3.36m X 2.40m LED screen which live transmitted the camera images created even more attention.

Almost simultaneously, the setup for the Nuremberg Trade Fair and for the Klimahouse in Bolzano, Italy commenced. On more than 1.000m², bbco MesseManufaktur GmbH created an overall successful fair appearance for eight exhibitors in one week. The feedback of both exhibitors as well as visitors went from "fantastic" to "bullseye - spot on!".

And the way the year began it will continue. Trade fairs at home and abroad, large and small stands and always happy customers - this is the incentive for bbco MesseManufaktur.

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